Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Autumn leaf circle smallFor the first of our occasional month-long coaching circles, the topic which came top of the poll is... Money. Not a surprise as so many of us have such a complicated relationship with this aspect of our lives and our businesses.

I know these circles will evolve over time: I see them as a mastermind group, where we meet as equals, each with knowledge, experience, insights, and wisdom to share. 

We are each 'masterminds' in our own way, though we often do not see that in ourselves, and when we come together in a group something special happens. There is an alchemy, a co-creative process, that means that together we are so much stronger.

The experience I can offer is drawn from a lifetime in business. My mother was an entrepreneur -

though I doubt she would have used that word - using her skills and talents to generate money for the family. Even when times were very hard, I don't remember a feeling of lack, rather an abundance of love and attention. And, I have taught on business start-up programmes for many years and have a good grounding in the nitty-gritty of cashflow forecasts and basic record-keeping. Alongside that, my current experience of following a flow is leading me into different ways of being in my business processes.

Will you explore this with me?

So, here is the container, the structure I am offering: each circle will last four weeks. There will be two one hour live calls, on Zoom video-conferencing, one on Thursday 2 November at 9.30 am  UK time, the second at the same time on Thursday 23 November. This time has been chosen from what worked for the groups of people who so generously helped me with developing this. It could be adapted, though in my experience it is impossible to find a time that suits everyone, and in the light of this each member of the group will also receive a 30 minute one-to-one call with me at a time convenient to you.

There will be a private Facebook group to discuss and share between calls. I will provide prompts each week for us as a circle of equally creative and wonderful human beings to work with and share ideas, knowledge and feedback fo each other. We will use the tried and tested tools I have worked with for many years: the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards (more on these here), and guided visualisations. 

I will also put on some Facebook Live sessions - I will give you notice when they are about to take place, and they will be available in the group for you to refer to later at any time. At present I envisage these as containing some thoughts on the topic of the week and a guided visualisation.

So - for this first Circle, our Point of Focus is 'Our relationship with money - from lack to abundance'.

We will look at our attitudes to money, and how recognising and honouring these is powerful in itself. We can change our thinking, we have choices. We can choose to see 'lack' or we can choose to see 'abundance'. In practical terms it is unlikely we will all become financially wealthy overnight (though I am totally open to that) .... and.... things can change dramatically through these sorts of activities.

For this time only there is a special price: £40 (10% discount if you are a Point of Focus subscriber, contact me to arrange an amended invoice.)


Week 1: November 1st to 7th Group call 9.30 am UK time on 2nd November

Topic: What does money mean to you? Where did these attitudes or opinions come from?

Week 2: November 8th to 14th

Topic: Meet your 'money monster' - can you become friends?

Week 3: November 15th to 21st

Topic: Where is there abundance in your life? What does abundance mean to you?

Week 4 November 22nd to 28th Group call 9.30 am UK time on 23rd November

Topic: Celebrating your new relationship with money - what next?

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